Shah Jahan – History Quiz

Shah Jahan – History Quiz

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Beacon House is a wonderful educational institution. While teaching a pupil from Beacon House School system, I came across a dilemma of how to make a student practice short questions. Thanks be to Allah Almighty that His grace led me to the simple solution. This quiz is just an attempt to help the students practice and learn.

Shah Jahan – History Quiz

This would be unfair not to pay tribute to the great ruler of Indian sub-continent, Shah Jahan, a ‘magnificent’ ruler of united India who ruled this land for about thirty years. His era was marked with progress and prosperity. All his subjects, Hindus and Muslims, remained happy in his reign. He left a great Muslim architecture behind. India remained backward in education and research. It was primarily due to the lust of power by the locals and regional states that kept on disturbing Indian peace.

Finally I hope that this little effort will help the students to learn and relearn the core points in their history chapters. Do give your feedback in the comments section below.

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