Bulhe shah os na yari kadi na laiyo

‘Bulhe shah os na yari kadi na laiyo’ is a rich poem on the topic of pride. Bulleh Shah forbids us not to make friendship with anybody with pride. The prime reason is that pride leads to fall of man and people full of pride often cause destruction to the people around them. They are generally selfish and insincere. So, friendship of the proud often hurts the feelings of friends.

Then Bulleh Shah leaves another message that one must not leave the right path no matter what circumstances one is going through. One must not fall in love with someone that we don’t know about the history and family of because unknown people often prove disloyal. Bullah advises us not to love appearances rather one must love the character of humans.

The focus of all literature of the world remains on the spiritual aspects of love rather than on physical charms. Bulleh Shah also focuses on the same bent of true love. Several poets are seen complaining the undue ignorance on the part of their beloved while Bulleh Shah, instead of complaining, asks us to be careful while falling in somebody’s love. Bullah advises us to be choosy in the companions and friends because they are last longer than expected.

True friends remains with you in all events; so Bullah reminds us the old maxims regarding human lineage which has a deep effect on one’s individual traits of faithfulness.

Bulhe shah os na yari kadi na laiyo

Bulhe shah os na yari kadi na laiyo

Roman Urdu of the poem ‘Bulhe shah os na yari kadi na laiyo’

Bulhe shah os na yari kadi na laiyo
Jjis nun apnay te gharoor howy
Buray rasty kadi na jaiyo
Chahay kini wi manzil door howay
Rah jandy nun dil na daiyo
Chahay lakh mun te noor howay
Pyar sirf othay kariyo
Jithay pyar nibhawan da dastoor howay

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