Fathers Day Importance

Fathers Day Importance Essay. Though our parents, especially fathers, are so precious that their care and love cannot be bound to a single day; however, an international day named Father’s Days is celebrated on 21st of June every year.

Nobody can deny the important of Father’s Day. But the question arises: is it all we need be doing for the person that wasted away his entire life and lived only for our happiness! The argument begins where we tend to celebrate for our father and mother with the days like this i.e. Father’s Day on June 21st every year i.e. 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, may be 2020 and for the times to come. What a father is worth? What is due for the services and love rendered to us by our father? Can we return the warmth of our parents’ love by mere memorial days alone? We do need some practical moves besides the days we mark in the memory of our parents.

Fathers, either rigid or polite, have remained the central figure of every family traditionally and historically. Their extreme love, empathy, considerate nature and sacrificial life style shield their children and keep them protected. A father is a dear being all over the world; every culture and society has acknowledged the lovely place a father is ought to have in the hearts of the children. Even in the post-World War II scenario and social complications which arose owing to the genocide of European men in the war days, single parent families, headed by women, have failed to compete with the traditional family headed by a male member.

Everyone talks about the importance of family and especially of the parents that sacrifice their peace, rest, time and pleasures for the sake of their children’s future and present life. Traditionally and ideally the head of the family, the father, remains pivotal for his hardships that he bears just to earn the bread and butter for his family. The young ones, though not very close to him, remain deeply associated with his personality and influence. They say a family life runs on two wheels primarily; the husband and the wife. Both are must for the survival of an ideal family.

Fathers Day Importance may well be understood from the word “father” itself. The English word “father” means “male parent” but if we look at other definitions of the word, we find the word Father too which stands for the clergy serving in a church. A father is yet another name of sacrifice and a symbol of defense for the family. Every religion demands respect not only for a real father but also for fatherly figures. God Almighty guarantees a happy and ever abiding life for those that keep their parents pleased of their acts and deeds. Every religion demands the due service be paid to the parents i.e. mother and father.

In the face of Days like Father’s Day and Mother’ Day, we do have old houses where older people are kept. Who are these older people? They are certainly the fathers and mothers of a few living among us; they are left alone in the days of weakness and gloom. Father’s Day reminds of me of those deserted fathers and mothers. Probably, the days like Father’s Day are meant to renew within us the warmth of the love we were provided by our parents.

These are meant to recognise our Godfather that brought us into this world and shielded us from all the troubles and woes; sometimes he remained successful and at times he failed to do so. When he failed, he wept and dismayed not for himself but for his children. The yearning face of a father can be seen while doing his bit for his kids; the same contented heart is reflected in the eyes and cheeks of the same parent when he sees his kids happy and joyful.

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