Ahmed Faraz Love Poetry

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( احمد فراز) Ahmed Faraz Love Poetry in Urdu

Ahmed Faraz love poetry is a huge collection of verses that can be marked as pure songs of love. Today no lover dares ignore Ahmed Faraz, the great Urdu Poet that tuned his lyre to the very rhythm of the emotions of an average lover and beloved. Though most of Faraz’ poetry tilts towards complaints of the beloved for her harsh and trying methods that irritate yet not. He opens up the inner feelings of a genuine lover that would relinquish his life just for the sake of the mistress’ simple smile and happiness. The love he refers to is based upon sacrifice and suffering for the one we love rather than fulfilling our desires without paying any respect to her honour and dignity.

احمد فراز highlights the need for recognizing the importance of sacrifice and patience in love. Unlike the love poetry of Mirza ghalib, Ahmed Faraz remains realistic in utterances of his love. The very first verse of our collection below is an example of his realism. The poet admits the reality of life that he and his beloved cannot move together in life. They cannot be united. Therefore, he wants her to move with him a few steps i.e. to continue the relation as long as possible.

Ahmed Faraz Love Poetry

  تمام عمر کہاں کوئی ساتھ دیتا ھے یہ جانتا ھوں مگر تھوڑی دیر ساتھ چلو

  تیرے قریب آ کے بڑی الجھنوں میں ھوں میں دشمنوں میں ھوں کہ ترے دوستوں میں ھوں

  تمام شہر ھے مقتل اسی کے ھاتھوں میں تمام شہر اسی کو دعائیں دیتا ھے

  سنا ھے لوگ اسے آنکھ بھر کے دیکھتے ھیں سو اس کے شھر میں اک دن ٹھہر کے دیکھتے ھیں