Parh parh alim fazil hoya

‘Parh parh alim fazil hoya’ by Bulleh Shah is a pun on the so called scholars that might have devoured hundreds of books but they are unable to look into their own soul first. Bullah tries to convince us that true knowledge derives its source from one’s own inner self. Therefore, Bulleh Shah addresses an imaginary scholar in this poem. Bullah asks the scholar if he has read inner self. The implied answer is clearly “no”.

Then he hits upon the so popular topic of attacking the mullahs, pundits and other religious leaders. So, Bullah questions them that they are often found in the mosques or temples in search of wisdom. These people wish to raise their moral and spiritual status by virtue of their religious offerings. But Bullah tends to disagree with them, Shah wants them to look into their own hearts. For Bullah human heart is like a magical mirror that can show us God. This is possible when we contemplate on our own selves.

People are often seen blaming and cursing Satan for his bad deeds. Satan is generally blamed for deceiving mankind into sinful lives. But Bulleh Shah is of another opinion. He says that we must first conquer our own self before we even think of fighting Satan and his huge army. Then he compares the flying birds with the idea of invisible Satan and his forces. He further elaborates that the visible division of our inner selves is into the good, conscience, and the bad our lusty and greedy nature.

Bullah wants us to fight and control the thief from inside the house rather than looking out for the satanic crew. For Bulleh Shah evil comes from inside of us, so we must learn to control it.

Parh parh alim fazil hoya, kaday apnay ap nun parhya he nai

Parh parh alim fazil hoya, kaday apnay ap nun parhya he nai

Roman Urdu of the poem ‘Parh parh alim fazil hoya’ by Bulleh Shah

Parh parh alim fazil hoya
Kade apnay ap nun parhya he nai
Ja ja warda masjidan mandiran andar
Kadi man apnay wich warya he nai
Awen roz shetan nal larda ayen
Kadi nafas apnay nal larya he nai
Bulleh shah asmani urdian pharda ayen
Jehra ghar betha ohnun pharda he nai

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