Mery ishq de wich mashooq na ho

‘Mery ishq de wich mashooq na ho’ a spiritual poem by Bulleh Shah, is a great poem on pure and innocent love which remains oblivious of the physical charms and contact. Bulleh Shah tends to throw light on the fact that love, in its purest form, does not demand physical contact; it requires extreme emotions and dedication to the cause of love.

The poem begins with Bullah’s complaint that he did not look at his beloved with the eyes of sexual(in spiritual terms beneficial) desires; he reminds his beloved that Bullah has loved her and kept a relation with her in the same purity as Moses had with God Almighty. Bullah even refers to the meetings of Moses with God and assimilates his own meetings with his beloved highlighting the same pure love.

Bullah complains that he did neither care dangers nor did he left any stone un-turned while doing the rituals of love. Bullah finally declares that he cannot be heathen, because he will have to declare his beloved as God, since he wishes to remain a reverent Muslim; therefore, he assures her of the extreme regard he had for his beloved.

Here Bulleh Shah appears in deep love for his beloved and tries to teach us that true love is devoid of physical relations; it is the genuine interest in the spiritual relation i.e. from soul to soul contact.

Mery ishq day wich mashooq na ho, nayen aj tak ghalat nigah keeti

Roman Urdu of the poem ‘Mery ishq de wich mashooq na ho’ by Bulleh Shah

Mery ishq de wich mashooq na ho
Nayen aj tak ghalat nigah keeti
Teri har mulaqat main ainj keeti
Tewen mosa nal khuda keeti
Nayen faraq keeta teri pooja wich
Nayen khataran di parwah keeti
Ik tenun rab nai keh sakda
Baqi sari rasam ada keeta

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