HTML Ordered Lists

HTML Ordered Lists:

HTML Ordered Lists: Ordered lists i.e. each item in the list has a number, alphabet or symbol to denote its order or help us count them. The below image shows an “ordered list”:

HTML Ordered List

Ordered lists are used in the webpages to present such data that needs proper identification and for this purpose the writer wants to insert numeric, alphabetic, Roman symbols etc. The usage of numbered items remains within the content, primarily.

Let us make an ordered list:

Step 1: Begin with <ol> </ol>

Step 2: Insert the first item in the ordered list you have created:


<li>First Item</li>


Step 3: See the result in your browser

Step 4: Add more list items to your first Ordered List:


<li>First Item</li>

<li>Second Item</li>

<li>Third Item</li>

<li>Fourth Item</li>



Step 5: See the result of this code in your browser:

html ordered list image

Great job!  Explaining the Code: Let us now understand what happened:

creating my first ordered lists

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