Short Cut Keys MS Excel 2003 2007 2010

Short Cut Keys MS Excel 2003 2007 2010

Share shortcut keys MS Excel 2007 2010

MS Excel Shortcut keys

Short Cut Keys MS Excel 2003 2007 2010 Using the combination of Control Key:

Shortcut Keys: The Functions it performs:
Ctrl+PgDn: Switch among worksheet tabs; it is used left-to-right.
Ctrl+PgUp: Switch among worksheet tabs; it is used right-to-left.
Ctrl+Shift+&: Apply outline border to selected cells in a worksheet.
Ctrl+Shift_: Helps remove outline border from highlighted cells in a worksheet.
Ctrl+Shift+~: Apply number format to a range of selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+$: Give currency format to the selected range of data.
Ctrl+Shift+%: Change the format to percentage.
Ctrl+Shift+#: Convert cell format to Date format consisting Month and Year.
Ctrl+Shift+@: For converting cell format to Time.
Ctrl+D: Copy data from the cell above active cell.
Ctrl+; Used for inserting todays/current date.
Ctrl+B: Converts the style of text to bold/simple style.
Ctrl+U: Underlines and removes the underline form selected cells.
Ctrl+I: Changes text format to italic for selected text or cells.
Ctrl+9: Hide selected rows.
Ctrl+0: Hides the selected columns.
Ctrl+A: Select all filled cells in range.
Ctrl+F: Display the find dialogue box.
Ctrl+H: To use the Find and Replace dialog box.
Ctrl+C: Copy the selected data range.
Ctrl+V: Paste the selected data in selected cell or range.
Ctrl+P: Open the print dialogue box.
Ctrl+X: Copy and Cut data from selected cells.
Ctrl+Y: Repeat the last command with this shortcut key.
Ctrl+Z: It reverses the last action.

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