HTML Unordered lists

HTML Unordered Lists :

  1. Unordered lists i.e. each item is represented without any numerical or alphabetic symbol associated with it. The below image shows an “unordered list”:

an unordered list

HTML Unordered lists: We may see a bullet sign prior to every item of the “unordered list”, this dot (bullet) is the default indication of unordered list; however, we may hide the bullet sign from unordered lists using styles. We just need to ask the style sheet to : list-style: “none” and that does the trick. The application of Unordered lists remains within the menu items primarily. Let us create an unordered list in HTML:

Step 1: Begin with the basic tags i.e.

<ul> </ul>

Step 2: Insert your first list item in this unordered list:


<li> First Item</li>


Step 3: Test your code in the browser:

My first unordered list