Laila Bulleh Shah

Laila by Bulleh Shah is a famous Kafi or poem by Bulleh Shah, the legend Punjabi Sufi poet and spiritualist. Bulleh Shah is one of the most reverend sufis of the sub-continent. The poem of kafi is about the feelings of love. Love is neither for appearance nor for gains, its the name of a unity and glorification of the creator in its purest kind.

Laila kita sawal mian majnun nu, teri laila te rang di kali aye

Other Poems by Baba Bulleh Shah

Os Nal Yari Kadi na Layen
Mere Ishq de wich mashooq na ho
Heeray Sastay mul de wekhay
Wich Darhi Islam na koi
Jhalya Ishq Kamana Okha
Ik Nuktay wich gal mukdi aye
Nai langda waqt wichore da
Kar ghor hath dian unglian te
Charde suraj dhalde wekhay
Laila by Bulleh Shah

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