Drama Notes

Drama is an English word meaning thereby to enact e.g. a written discourse containing dialogues, actions, verbal and non-verbal gestures etc. However, it generally is considered in theatrical form where written dramas are performed by actors and actresses. It is considered the oldest form of art.

One interesting aspect of drama is that it was mostly in poetical form i.e. it was sung or rhythmical / musical in nature in its primary and medieval forms. Later plays or dramas were formed on prose rather than vers

e. This would be interesting to note that both John Milton and William Shakespeare used blank verse. Whereas Jon Milton was writing poetry whereas William Shakespeare was writing dramas, mostly.

Several other writers have used the diction for drama in this format.

We have put together study notes of several English and American dramas for the students of various classes; while wishing them the best of luck, we hope that they build on their own knowledge from the content available on this website. We wish them all the best of luck.

Drama Notes on this website and many more:

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