Using USB Flash Drive as RAM

Using USB Flash Drive as RAM USB Drive

Using USB Flash Drive as RAM: Well, today’s computers are quite fast and they have several applications running at a time. With the additional burden of new installations, our systems do get slow because every running application requires RAM for storage of random access memory which it needs for routine processing. An average user with 1GB of RAM remains disturbed for the gradual slowness of his/her computer. Where internet remains flooded with the solutions to improve the performance of individual computers, using USB Flash Drive as RAM is one of the said solutions.

Turning USB Flash Drive into an active RAM is suggested by attaching it to the personal computer and converting it from Mass Storage Device to a detachable Computer RAM, just like a removable hard disk it is a removable computer RAM. It is preached that this would help enhance the computer performance by providing it extra bits of RAM. Well, I tend to disagree with this kind of professing.

Drawbacks of converting a USB into RAM:-

There are several drawbacks and negative aspects of converting USB into RAM. Those disadvantages are listed below:

  1. Using USB device as a RAM does not improve the performance of a PC as a long term solution.
  2. USB Flash Drives are suitable for RAM, otherwise the USB pend drive manufacturing companies would market it equivalently on a larger scale and convince us of using Flash Drives as RAMs.
  3. USB Flash drives are hard disks that can sustain only a few thousand writes i.e. the number of times we save data on our Flash Drives and format it.
  4. RAM is built with the capacity to sustain thousands of times data writing and formatting in a single day.
  5. A USB Flash Drive cannot replace traditional RAM unless it is made for this purpose by the manufacturing companies.

Be careful with whatever you do with your PC;Computer

we suggest using Windows XP rather than Win 7 or Win 8 when your computer hardware has 1 GB of RAM or less. You may opt to increase your computer’s RAM if you like but don’t experiment with your computer’s hardware.


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