Mohsin Naqvi Famous Urdu Social Poetry

Mohsin Naqvi Famous Urdu Social Poetry: Mohsin Naqvi is ranked amongst the best Urdu poets that communicated the deep emotional strings and strains relating to all walks of life. His poetry may well be marked as evergreen poetry in Urdu while his poetry remains very famous and popular amongst the Urdu speaking people, both in India & Pakistan, as well as all over the world. Al l great poets have written one thing or the other thematic aspects relating to the social issues and problems faced by humans.

Mohsin Naqvi has written poetry in a day-to-day language, a commoner’s language. His poetry is also enriched with visual illustrations of the themes of life that affect our social life.

Adal parwar kabhi hisab to kar, zulm kis kis par be hisab huwa
Aik kachay gharay ki jurat par, kitny tughyanian chenab main huwy

Aik kachay gharay ki jurat par,
kitny tughyanian chenab main huwy



Apny galyon say aman ki khwahish, tan pay orhay dhuwan guzarty hy
Hans bhi lena kabhi khud par, har ghari aankh ko nam kya rakhna