HTML CSS Tools and Editors

HTML CSS Tools and Editors: Once set  to the learning of web development, the importance of right HTML tools and editors would force one to choose one according to one’s needs. Where every other programming language has a certain compiler, HTML documents can be created and edited with a number of free and paid tools but the beauty lies in the fact that we can choose between simplest tools like MS notepad to the complex programs like Netbeans.

NetBeans IDE by Oracle:
Netbeans web development tool kit



A very useful tool to begin with while its usage expands with your experience over the development process of web pages. It supports some basic features like providing templates, inserting tables and basic to advanced HTML codes but it does not provide greater support like Netbeans. However, its usage remains extensive. I love using this tool for its light weight and user friendly environment. Like NetBeans, HTML Kit may also be connected over a remote connection to the development server. It has the ability to open and edit live documents. We may also drag and drop documents from HTML Kit to the web server. For More Info go to HTML Kit

Windows Notepad:

Every window installation comes with a document editor tool called Notepad. This document has a special quality i.e. it would remove all special attribute and style associated with a paragraph or phrase. It keeps only text. For this quality, it has its extension as .txt by default. We can write html documents in notepad. For this we must save it as a .html document with utf-8. But do keep in mind that Notepad provides the most limited features while other tools help you out and make life easier for you in the development of webpages.

There is a long list of both paid as well as free programs that help you create HTML documents and edit HTML CSS files. Some of them are mentioned below with links:

a)Notepad++: a really useful and powerful editor like HTML Kit.

b)Composer: one such tools which is extensively used by professional web developors. 

c)Artisteer: A paid tool to create and edit your website without having to write even a single line of code.


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