Main aur wo Munir Niazi best poetry

Main aur wo Munir Niazi best poetry, the poem is a great verse by Munir Niazi. This is amongst the lightest azad Urdu poems. Munir Niazi tries to explain that he and his beloved have always remained busy in pursuit of each other. Despite their warm desires, they are ever unfortunate for union. Their hearts coo but their lips cannot sing those love songs openly. They are Pakistanis, from an Eastern society, where there open expression of love is considered bashful. The cheeks of the beloved would suggest with the blushes she might have had.

The poet narrates that both he and his beloved are unable to come out of the life’s restraints put upon them by those little complications which the life throws at them. These barriers, at times in the form of responsibilities and at other occasions in the shape of sacrifices, always remain there for the traditional Eastern couples. They have to sacrifice their love for the sake of their families and elders.

The poet, either knowingly or unknowingly, has actually referred to the strange fact that love is of two kinds: love of family i.e. parents and blood relations and the love of two souls. The true lovers are never selfish. They opt not for self gain rather than this, they surrender their bodies to the wills of their parental love. Doing so, they wound their souls. So, the lovers may initially cry in solitude initially and would gradually become alien to each other.

Mair aur wo- roz e awal say wo bhi muj tak anay ki koshish main hy-Munir Niazi Poem

Mair aur wo- roz e awal say wo bhi muj tak anay ki koshish main hy-Munir Niazi Poem

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