Habib Jalib Poetry

Habib Jalib Poetry:

Habib Jalib was a famous Urdu poet and political activist that struggled for democracy and freedom of expression in Pakistan. All his poetry is enriched with the ideas of political and social supremacy of the masses and the public at large. The people in Pakistan have seen Habib Jalib as a pro democratic poet that was often behind the bars for writing such poetry as that incited the masses by exposing the rigidity of the autocratic rulers. Jalib wishes a balanced social and economic condition for the poor of his people. However, it is worthy of mentioning that he did have a tilt towards the then political leader Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto.

We have collected various verses from his poetry and those are categorized under the following headings:

1) Famous Love Poetry of Habib Jalib
2) Famous Sad Poetry of Jalib
3) Famous Political Poetry of Jalib
4) Famous Social Poetry of Jalib

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