Mail Merge from Excel to Word

Using Mail Merge Feature of MS Word and convert by Mail merge from excel to word:

Mail Merge from excel to word is an easy and practical guide. Follow the steps and practise to learn regularly. How to use Mail Merge tool in MS Word with Excel Data or the way to insert addresses, names, phone number and other fields to MS Word automatically? This is a powerful feature to generate hundreds of thousands of letters from word template using data in Excel Sheet. This comes as handy because it frees us from the hassle of manually typing data in word files.

Illustration of Mail Merge:

Given the below template, we are advised to generate 10,000/- letters using data from an excel sheet with the columns as show in picture-1

Word Document Template for Mail Merge:

Respected Mr. (Insert Customer Name from MS Excel)
(Insert Customer Address and phone from Excel)

This is to request you for an early payment your postpaid connection because you have overused the allowed limit for Rs. (Insert from MS Excel Sheet) and you might face data shortage which might cause inconvenience to you. You are once again requested for an early payment.
Thanks & best regards,
Finance & Recovery Division,
ABC(LLC) etc.

mail merge from excel to word

Let us find the easiest way for Step by step Mail Merge from excel to word:

Step 1 Mail Merge:

Open the word file and paste the drafted text in it. (Picture show below)

MailMerge MS Word

MailMerge MS Word

Step 2 Mail Merge:

On Menu bar of MS Word, click Mailings:

mail merge from excel to word