Othello Summary Act 5

Othello Summary Act 5: Act V, Scene I-Detailed Summary of Othello: “Othello” by William Shakespeare

Othello Summary Act 5 Scene 1:

Iago has taken Roderigo along to the lodgings of Cassio. He wants Cassio to die because this way he will rid of all the troubles he is likely to have if Cassio replaces Othello afterwards.

He hath a daily beauty in his life
That makes me ugly; and, besides, the Moor
May unfold me to him; there stand I in much peril:
No, he must die.”

Cassio injures Roderigo when he attacks him. Upon this, Iago attacks from behind and wounds the leg of Cassio. Then he runs away. Both Cassio and Roderihttps://studybee.net/drama/roderigo-character/go keep on crying for help and eventually Gratiano and Lodovico hear their shouts of help.

Iago moves with them and stabs Roderigo, calling him villain. While he attends Cassio with pretense of friendly love and care. At that moment, Bianca enters the scene. She is crying for Cassio. But Iago asks others that he doubts her to be part of the plot.

He almost arrests Bianca in suspicion of being involved into the murderous attack on Cassio.

Othello Summary Act 5 Scene 2:

Othello goes into his room and asks Desdemona to be prepared for death while she requests him to let her live yet another day. She also asks him the reason of her death. He tells her that she gave her handkerchief to Cassio to which she denies. She asks Othello to call for Cassio and ask him by himself. Othello refuses.

He eventually kills her mercilessly. She is just dying when Emilia enters the room and tells Othello that Roderigo has died and not Cassio. Emilia sees her lady dying. She curses Othello and tells him of the handkerchief which she gave to her husband.

Desdemona dies saying that he killed himself. Later Othello admits that he has killed his wife.

Emilia starts shouting murder, murder. Gratiano, Monaton and Iago enter. Emilia unfolds the entire tale. Othello says that Iago is his witness. But Emilia unveils that it was her that stole the handkerchief for her husband. It is her husband that gave it to Cassio. Iago tries to kill her but he is caught.

The whole story is related in front of Othello who is very ashamed and guilty on having killed his faithful wife on the ill-advice and poisoning of a devil. He rues the fact but to no avail. He has killed his wife. He stab himself to end his life with is downfall because death is his only remedy. That’s his tragedy, Othello.

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