Dictatorship a Blessing in Disguise

Essay, Dictatorship a Blessing in Disguise. The topic is being taken up against considered norms of abusing the very name of dictatorship. It may be very good system if we consider the history of mankind.

Dictatorship a Blessing in Disguise: an Overview:

  1. Introduction: the best form of government
  2. Ruthless but strict civil order and progress
  3. Possessive nature of dictators leaves no room for kickback and corruption
  4. Patriotic and zealous for the country
  5. Integrity and character are the prime ingredients of a successful dictatorship

Looking at the human history a couple of hundred years back, there was no trace of democracy. There were either kings or the local administrators known with different names. Those were appointed by kings, religious authorities, local lords etc. The administrators used to treat the land, the people and the country as if it were of their own creation. They were inhuman in certain cases but the possessiveness of their land kept them associated to the loyalty they had with it. Similarly, kings and princes loved progress of the land they ruled. They would not accept bribes, provided, they were men of character. Comparing to the today’s third world leaders, they could not be bought…

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However, the remaining points have already been discussed in the essay on Democracy and Dictatorship.

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