Quran Quotes: This page is dedicated to selective verses from Quran. What we intend to do? We have segregated some Quranic verses into topics. All such topics are provided as pages. What we endeavour is to provide both Urdu and English translations of all Quran Quotes we share on this website.

Please acknowledge that we do not translate any verse of the Holy Quran. We are obtaining different translations of Quran Quotes verses from the online resource mentioned as references below.

We are sharing the translations of the said quotes in Arabic, Urdu and English.

The purpose of this task is to compile Quran Verses into topics. We further intend to link all such Quranic verses to Hadis Quotes and more. The project also desires to include quotes from other religious books; thus, creating a focus on what are the sayings and beliefs of different religions on certain topics. 

This is just a beginning!

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