War on Terrorism

War on Terrorism: an essay on a the war on terrorism and the impact of terrorism on the human race. The war on terrorism was waged by USA back in the year 2001 and since then the monster of terrorism has open up its clutches to engulf the entire world.

The War On Terrorism: An Outline

  1. Introduction: the meaning of terrorism
  2. The war on Terrorism
  3. The role of state terrorism
  4. The role of religion in terrorism
  5. The ways to curb terrorism

Since the fall of Twin Towers in US, terrorism has become a worldwide phenomenon. From the poorest to the mightiest, all nations are disturbed because of it. Probably, it has created the biggest universal confusion around the globe after the dark ages. According to Websters terrorism is “use of force to demoralise, intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as political weapon or policy”. Terrorism has become such a complex phrase that it is necessary to include all that amounts to terrorism.

The US government has pressed the accelerator on the war to bring peace into the world of today. Every matter seems to have been taken with guns and ammunition instead of table talks. However, we may not refute and altogether reject the security threats USA faces today but what we see is a war craze smelling something of the “crusades” and “jihad” leading to radicalism and extremism. The “tolerance” as envisaged by E.M Forster is missing in our societies today. We must gun down a terrorist but justice and equality is the right of all the citizens of the world. No sensible man may support the “jihad” because we cannot support brutality in any form.

One of the several elements which are either directly linked to or are responsible for continuing the war of terrorism is probably the suppression of Freedom Movements and inequality. State terrorism means the violence caused by different states in their occupied areas. There are certain countries in the world which use force to subjugate their opposing forces. They may come up with a number of reasons and arguments for extreme use of power by their forces in the areas they occupy but they produce terror for certain. Probably, India, USA, Isreal may be placed among them. The label may even be broaden to include terrorist governments and parties which use power to crush down their opponents or human rights activists and to this there is no exclusion for third world countries like Pakistan and the middle & far east.

The role of religion and politics in terrorism and war on terrorism does not seem very appealing. Adding fuel to the fire some elements from within the religions have come to aid terrorism. Tolerance among religions is almost zero. They are vying with each other. The bombs are being blasted in the mosques, churches, temples and at the other places of the kind. Though, no religion allows taking of innocent lives but one calls Jihad and the other crusades.

The ways to curb terrorism: There are many things those must be brought into the play to chain this monster.

  1. An efficient International Agency of Crimes Control should be introduced by the UNO.
  2. The essence of the freedom movements should be understood: It can help a great deal.
  3. The religious authorities should teach the religious principles and not the ‘biased philosophies.
  4. The masses should be educated.

Conclusion: Our earth is the only planet that has life on it. This is our home, we need peace a prosperity. This makes t even more vital to eliminate the monster of terrorism from our homeland. This can happen only with our joint efforts. We need to trust each other. Otherwise the deadly weapons are here to decide our fate!

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