Politics in Third World Countries

Essay on Politics in third world countries like Pakistan. Politics in third world countries’ is a remarkable essay exposing the true deeds of the leaders of deplorable nations.

Politics in Third World Countries:

  1. The significance of politics
  2. Politics in general in the world
  3. Politics in the third world countries
  4. Reasons of political malpractices in the backward countries
  5. Conclusion:

Politics is defined as the “ideas and activities relating to gaining and using power in a country” under a democratic system of government where people are lured into voting somebody in the government so that he may do the best for the people of the state as per his manifesto. This means politics requires man to man contact. This also implies that you cannot get into power without getting into politics and since politics is rooted into the mass of common folk, hence, no one dare go against the public sentiment. So, theoretically, it sounds great and perfect means either selection or getting people into power through votes.

Generally, the world is rich in different modes of governments ranging from kingship to the democratically elected and military rules. But the idea of democracy and politics, where people send their representatives to the parliament for making laws and managing the state affairs, appeals the most. Since, this mode of government, political system of democracy, has been tested and tried in Europe quite successfully; hence, it seems the poorer nations have also been tempted to swallow the bait. This, quite ironically, has gone much worse for them because their issues have increased with the introduction of politics. However, it would be fair to state that all the ills of their country cannot be attributed to politics alone.

In contrast to the developing modern states, third world countries of Africa and South East Asia are showing a constant decline in their social and economic growth; doubtlessly, the economic numbers are growing for the rich but the poor are getting poorer which furthers them to anarchy and chaos they wish to rid themselves of. Their social, justice, education, economy, procedures and efficiency as well as efficacy never improve and nothing comes to them except deterioration. There are reports of either bomb blasts or kidnapping for ransom.

In third world countries, people are mostly illiterate or inadequately educated to decide for the future of their state while entering or voting for a political party. The majority of areas in any third world country are dominated by certain groups and such power mongered battalions that pressurise, lure with temporary benefits like jobs, food etc. to buy the votes of people for getting their party into power for mere exploitation of the already plighted nation. This malpractice and involvement of excessive money, mostly black money, has converted the game of politics into a war of lords where only slaves are slayed for the sake of mere fun. Politics becomes a ban for the poor. It is reserved right for the rich and the gangsters alone. We may call this jungle’s law.

Politics requires both patience and training of the society through aimed education of turning the homosapien animals into human beings. The poor countries fail to realise that without an uplift in their social, moral, justice and educational system no mode of government can rescue them. For them, politics may be a delusion or a long process of refinement though which they must pass and purify their nation. They would ultimately reach the standards of European politics if time permitted them to.

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