Count Text in excel 2003 2007 2010

Step by Step: How to Use count text in excel 2003 2007 2010 for counting Text cells

How to count text in excel 2003 2007 2010? Excel has Count Function that counts data rows where cells contain digit or numeric cells in the column on which this formula is applied. Excel has CountA function to count all non-blank cells in a column.

The way to Count Text Cells or Values is to extract the difference of two count functions i.e. :

Total Text Cells = CountA-Count

In other words no direct formula is not available for counting of text values in cells. Hence, this method may be adopted as stated in below steps.

Step 1:

(a)   Sort your data

(b)   Formulate your tables: these may be on the same table or on a different worksheet or even different workbooks.

(c)    For the sake of example we have created two Tables.

(d)   Table from where data is to be retrieved:

MS excel count text cells