Firefox Block annoying ads

Block annoying ads for Firefox:

firefox icon

Firefox Block annoying ads: Mozilla Firefox remains amongst the most beloved web browser that is light on the system and provides the highest number of extensions and add on modules; those are provided both by its non-profit development team as well as created by third party web developers. Chrome users often face the problem of blocking annoying and disturbing pop up ads that open up while visiting download websites or file upload sites. Let us see how we can disable those unwanted ads:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the right most menu icon 
  2. Select “add ons”:

Firefox options

3. Select “Get Add-ons”:

firefox addons


4. Write “Ad block” in the search field displayed on the top right side:

firefox search extension

5. Click “Install” against the addon of your choice.

Mozilla store addons

6. Once your install finish, don’t forget to activate your newly installed extension from the left menu item “Extension” as displayed in the picture below:

Mozilla Options

6. You will see the extensions shown in the right side menu and select the item of you have installed :


In this case, our item is “Adblock Plus”. We shall enable it to make it working. 


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