Novel is a relatively newer genre when compared with both drama and poetry. The word itself means “novel” i.e. new. So, this newer form of literature has produced wonderful pieces of art across the glob. Every language has a history and every nation is proud of its past and event rich traditions. Novel is a unique way of combining the art of dram, poetry and narration into one place.

This is the prime reason for the novels to be famous. Novels are generally divided into two: fiction and non-fiction. The two literally mean unreal and real stories that are used to depict the chain of events in any novel. However, no novel can be entirely unreal nor any novel may contain all truth. It’s always the mixture of both. It happens due to human nature of exaggeration. Humans do it. Sometimes knowingly and at others, unknowingly.

We have some detailed analysis of a few novels, their character analysis, their themes, plots, summaries, both short and long. Primarily, English novel is covered on this website and a few novels that were translated into English. We hope it will be useful material for most of you.


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