BA English Syllabus-Punjab University

BA English Syllabus-Punjab University contains list of books and topics which are required to be studied by students preparing for Punjab University Bachelor of Arts Examinations.

Exam Type of BA English Syllabus-Punjab University:

  1. University of Punjab holds Exams for BA(Bachelor of Arts) every year around March-April.
  2. Any student having completed two years after intermediate or HSSC or equivalent may appear in the private BA Exams.
  3. All exams are subjective i.e. either long or short courses. We are discussing about English only.

Paper A and B of BA English Syllabus:

University has divided the English Examination into two parts i.e. Paper A and Paper B.

Paper A of BA English Syllabus includes following:(Total Marks 100)

  1. A New Anthology of English Verse – Collection of Poems about 24
  2. Modern Essays – around 16 essays
  3. One Act Plays – 3 in number
  4. The Old Man and The Sea, novel by Ernest Hemingway
  5. Short Stories – about 12 (Actually plays and Short Stories come as one book)

Paper B of BA English Syllabus has the outline:(Total Marks 100)

  1. Essay Writing – 25 marks
  2. Precis Writing & answering questions (It means to summarize the given paragraph) (25 )
  3. Correction of Sentences. (10 Marks)
  4. Use of Idioms/ Phrases (10 Marks)
  5. Letter to the editor / Application. (15)
  6. Translate from Urdu to English or rewrite written English.(15)

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