Text of Departure and Arrival

Text of Departure and Arrival: this poem is written by T.S Eliot.

Text of Departure and Arrival

Standing upon the shore of all we know
We linger for a moment doubtfully,
Then with a song upon our lips, sail we
Across the harbor bar no chart to show
No light to warn of rocks which lie below,
But let us yet put forth courageously.

Although the path be tortuous and slow,
Although it bristles with a thousand fears,
To hopeful eye of youth it still appears
A lane by which the rose and hawthorn grow
We hope it may be, would that we might know;
Would we might look into future years.

Great duties call the twentieth century
More grandly dowered that those which came before,
Summons, who knows what time may hold in store,
Or what great deed the distant years may see,
What conquest over pain and misery,
What heroes greater than were ever of yore.

But if this century is to be more great
Than those before, her sons must make her so
And we are her sons, we must go
With eager hearts to help mould well her fate,
And see that she shall gain such proud estate
And shall on future centuries bestow.

A legacy of benefits may we look into future years,
May we do good until we die,
And ask no other question than to know
That they have helped the cause to victory,
That with their aid the flag is raised on high.

Sometime in distant years when we are grown
Gray haired and old, whatever be our lot,
We shall desire to see again the spot
Which, whatsoever we have been or done
Or to what distant lands we may have gone,
Through all the years will never have been forgotten.

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