Scope of Definition Lists HTML

Scope of Definition Lists in HTML:

Scope of Definition Lists HTML: These are unlike Ordered and Unordered lists because they are meant to define a term or phrase e.g. dictionary style of describing words and their possible usages. Therefore, definition lists are useful in HTML webpages where pairs of data exists i.e. one item explains another item related to it. Definition lists don’t use bullets or numbers against items. They segregate the definition terms and definition descriptions by indentation and line break. Let us make below definition list in HTML:

Definition lists scope html

Here “USA” is a definition term represented with <dt> while Definition Description is coded as <dd>.

The code to create a definition list in HTML is pretty simple. Let us develop a definition list step by step:


Step 1: Begin with the basic code of definition list i.e.




Step 2: Then begin placing your definition terms and their definition descriptions:



<dd> A federation of states in the American Continent that wields the strongest influence on the world.</dd>



Step 3: Check the result of above code in your browser:

creating Definition lists