A Poison Tree Summary

A Poison Tree Summary: a poem written by William Blake. The poet discusses the the impact of hatred in human society. How poisonous is deceit and hate, this we come to know in this poem and discussed in this A Poison Tree summary.

The poet displays the potential of evil and other negative effects which may arise from the poison of hatred. He believes that petty disputes should be resolved through mutual dialogue. The poet tells us that he was angry with his friend and resolved the issue through discussion. So, mutual dialogue removed the misunderstanding.

Then he was angry with his foe. The poet could not do so to his enemy. He decided to avenge his grievances “with soft deceitful wiles”. So, when the enemy began trusting him fully, the poet destroyed him. It reminds us of Satan who tempted Eve in the disguise of a friend. He actually adopted evil path and followed the ways of Satan. The poet has presented the fall of man both from paradise and the stature of man because of hatred.

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