Importance of English

Essay on Importance of English, a window to the world. Importance of English may be realised from the fact that it is an international language today.

Importance of English is admitted far and wide because it is the language recognised by UNO as window to the world.

The Importance of English: An Outline

  1. Introduction: Background of English
  2. English around the globe
  3. The dialect in Pakistan and the third world
  4. Opposition of this language
  5. Arguing in favor of this mode of communication
  6. Conclusion:

With the rise of English colonial power their influence boosted around the glob. The English generals not only brought a culture but also a new language. The slave nations had no option but to learn the new language introduced by their masters. The hundreds of years of British rule made this language a mode of communication amongst all the occupied nations as well as the rulers. Time reduced Britain to a small territory but the language survived and was adopted by many as official or national dialect.

Today, most of the countries mighty or not, are using this language in one way or the other. It has become an international language. Even, the institution like U.N.O regards English as a way of expression. Though, China, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, etc., have not adopted it as official language, yet they are not objecting to its global usage.

Pakistan has been operating with English as an official language since its creation. All the major degrees are awarded in English here. Different reasons are presented in favour of English. Third world countries like, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc., have to adopt this dialect because all of their research-work has been in this tongue before freedom and afterwards. Further, it is a well developed language as compared to the local languages. It has the capacity to handle all the complexities of complicated works.

Some oppose the usage of this language. They believe if the countries like France and Germany or China can survive without English we can do so in the same way. They want us to see the socio-cultural effects of this language. Because every vernacular has something to tell of its history, culture, region and religion. English may inflict bad effects on our society.

They do forget that those countries have come a long way in their research and inventions. They are self made rich countries with toil of hundreds of years. We must not forget Renaissance during (14th to 16th) centuries in England itself. It was a revival of learning¬Ě for them. They learnt Greek, Italian and other classical languages in different spheres of knowledge. They advanced their concepts on various subjects. But they still have English as their native tongue. The only thing that can be termed dangerous is the fashion of English: the conception of English as an ideal language.

The present world has hundreds of languages, some are regional, others national or continental but few are international. English is the only accepted international language. As long as we use it for the purpose of communication and knowledge, we have no threat. The only danger it poses is the use of it by the elite classes as a distinction between them and the poor. –

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