Blink Text using CSS

Blink Text using CSS: There are times when we need our text to do something different other than coloring and font size in h1 and h2 headings. Some make text to move around while others would use the blinking text techniques to catch the attraction of the web page visitors. So, let us now learn how to make our text blink using some CSS and HTML.

In earlier versions of web development, “blink” element was used to make the text to glow and blink. In later versions the blink element has been dropped and it is not safe to use it. However,  there are other ways to glow your text using CSS animations and text decoration properties.

Deprecated method of glowing the text with “blink” method of HTML:

<blink> This text shall blink in older versions of Web browsers</blink>

Glow the text using CSS animations:

We can use the text decoration property in below example.

<p class= “glowText”> This text shall glow</p>

glowText {
animation-duration: 5s; animation-name: slidein;   animation-iteration-count: infinite;}

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