Cassio Character

Cassio Character, an ensign to Othello in the play Othello written by William Shakespeare

Cassio is the trustworthy lieutenant to Othello. He is a brave and honest fellow. Unlike Iago he concentrates on his duty and professional competencies. He has served Othello with much of loyalty and sacrifices. He is a time tested friend to Othello.

Cassio and his loyalty are a danger to the evil plans of Iago. Therefore, Iago plans to clear his way. He makes him drunk and stages a drama like quarrelsome episode involving Cassio and a noble man of Cyprus. This helps him prove that Cassio is casual and irresponsible. Cassio is sacked from his current position.

Iago furthers his plan by asking Cassio to seek help from the wife of Othello for his reinstatement. Cassio, like a child, does exactly as told by Iago. He does not show any mature attitude even for once in the entire play.

We find Cassio very stupid and foolish at times. Though he is intelligent but he never seems to be using his brain and the faculty of imagination on his own. If Othello is responsible for his downfall, then we must not forget that Cassio is also responsible for the tragic death of Desdemona and Othello.

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