Othello Study Notes

Othello Study Notes: This page enlists study questions, notes, critical reviews, summaries, famous quotes and important texts from this famous tragic plays of William Shakespeare.

Othello Study Notes

Othello”, is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare, the greatest English Playwright ever. Shakespeare draws our attention to the minutes of life which are often neglected though they always prove pivotal in carving our fates and ruining of our lives. The tale of Othello is full of such horrors which root back to the basics of human psychology. However, pride, fear, jealousy, revenge and love are the prime themes of this play.

Othello is a simple yet brave soldier, a general indeed. He falls because he acts without inquiry for the natural inquisitiveness and misgivings of the heart which are common to the lovers. But for Othello nothing goes lucky to restore the normal course of life and love, he plunges and nobody stops nor is there any stroke of happy coincidence to save his happiness.

There comes the vicious character of Iago, the trusted lieutenant of Othello. He plots and ensures that his plotting move forward in a smooth manner so that the newly wed life of Othello is ruined for sure. Therefore, the role of Iago become of prime importance in this play. Several quotations are attributed to this character for vengeance and negativity.

I have been a fan of William Shakespeare for his wisdom rich sayings and the use of blank verse. He was such a genius and wonderful poet, playwright and stage actor. He has simply been wonderful.

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