Ahmed Faraz Poetry

Ahmed Faraz Poetry in Urdu with Images

Ahmed Faraz Poetry can be considered a lover’s giving vent to his ardent feelings of love that shift now from happy to gloomy mood and then take a sharp turn from disappointment to sudden accomplishment. His poetry is enriched with what we call personal and emotional tone of a lover towards his beloved; however, his poetry is, at times, far deeper in both surface and implied meanings that we are in a fix whether to consider it a pure love bird or a social and political intellectual singing from the memoirs of our history. With this aspect in the view we have divided Ahmed Fraz’ poetry in a few segments so that our first hand research draws appropriate results as well as our content remains useful for the readers of various cults and interests.

All our endeavour has been to highlight that Ahmed Faraz was not merely a love bird cooing the romantic or sedentary songs for his doubtful mistress rather his poetry is ripe with maturity and songs of common human, social and political problems as well. Therefore the below segregation is justified for Ahmed Faraz great Urdu poetry :

1- Ahmed Faraz Love Poetry
2- Ahmed Faraz Sad Poetry
3- Ahmed Faraz Romantic Poetry
4- Ahmed Faraz Religious Poetry
5- Ahmed Faraz Social Poetry
6- Ahmed Faraz Political Poetry

This page contains only a random selection from all the above segments of Faraz’ poetry while we have a complete select verses from his poetry in particular segments. Keep enjoying Ahmed Faraz Poetry and if you appreciate our work, do recommend us on social networks. Thanks.

  تمام عمر کہاں کوئی ساتھ دیتا ھے یہ جانتا ھوں مگر تھوڑی دیر ساتھ چلو

Tmam umar kahan koi sath deta hy,
ye janta hu magar thory der sath chalo

  اب کے گر تو ملے تو ھم تجھ سے  ایسے  لپٹیں  تری  قبا  ھو   جائیں

Ab kay gar tu milay to ham tuj say,
aisay lipten tery qaba ho jayen

  تیرے قریب آ کے بڑی الجھنوں میں ھوں میں دشمنوں میں ھوں کہ ترے دوستوں میں ھوں

Tery qareeb a kay bary uljanon main hu,
main dushmanon main hu k tery doston main hu

  اس چکا چوند میں آنکھیں بھی  گنوا  بیٹھو  گے  اس کے ھوتے ھوئے پلکوں کو جھکائے رکھنا

Is chak chond main ankhen bhi ganwa betho gay,
us k hoty huwy palkon ko jhukaye rakhna

  ستم کے عہد میں مَیں بھی شریک ھوں جیسے  مرا     سکوت     مجھے     مجرمانہ     لگا

Sitam k ehd main main bhi shareek hun jesy,
mera sakoot muj mujrimana lagay

  رھزن ھو تو حاضر متاعِ دل و جاں  بھی  رہبر ھو تو منزل کا پتہ کیوں نہیں دیتے

Rahzan ho to hazir mata e dil o jan bhi,
rahbar ho to manzil ka pata kyun nahi dety

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