Scope of Javascript

The scope of Javascript:

Scope of Javascript: Javascript, trademark of Oracle Corporation, is a full-fledged programming language often undermined for its applicability. Javascript is an object oriented language. Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation developed this language while he was working for Netscape Communications Corporation. It was meant for the browsers initially but its usage remains so vast that it soon became famous for designing, controlling and adding great functionality to the simple HTML webpages. Where this language has earned utmost fame through the service it has rendered to the webpages, unfortunately, its scope has been considered quite narrow and limited.

Javascript is a fully grown object oriented language. Some call it as a prototype while other consider it dynamic language and its rich functions turn into a multi paradigm language used from very basic to complex programming on the web. It is used by developers to manipulate images, carousels, menu management, asynchronous web forms and much more. In short the dynamism in the web would not have been possible without Javascript. Several APIs like Faceboook and twitter login as well as web development tools are developed using this pretty simple yet advanced language.

Main characteristics of Javascript programming language:

  1. It is both Client side and server side script
  2. It is a dynamic language i.e. we can bind a variable with different values at different intervals.
  3. It object oriented
  4. It uses first class functions
  5. It uses prototypes for inheritance while many other languages used classes
  6. The functions it uses are objects themselves

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