Urdu Shayari

Urdu Shayari is regarded amongst the best of world’s literatures. Where people fall for French and English literature, they also appreciate the beauty of Urdu shayari. Urdu ‘Adab’ or literature has progressed in both India and Pakistan. The language, Urdu, is not very old historically, yet it has convinced many of its appeal and flexibility. Many believe that the depth a language of antiquity can preserve, such latent languages may not possess. We have gathered the best of Urdu Shayari in this post for you.

The poets we have included for this blog post of Urdu Shayari have ever been appreciated not only in their times but also in the modern age too. And among the best of poet. we have chosen only the hand picked verses of them. You will love it. You would devour their poetry we chose. Let us begin with poet by poet and his verses.


Urdu Shayari and Poets


Mirza Ghalib Urdu Shayari(December 27, 1797 to February 15 , 1869)

Mirza Ghalib



1. Mirza Asadullah Ghalib

The most celebrated Urdu Shayari is attributed to him. He produced the best of Urdu Shayar. As for us, he is the number one Urdu Shayar. We have placed his poetry in following two links:


Allama Muhammad Iqbal Urdu Shayari

Allama Muhammad Iqbal


2. Allama Muhammad Iqbal

A huge number of people regard Allama Muhammad Iqbal as the best Urdu Shayar. He deserves this rank for his philosophic songs. His political endeavours. His patriotic mind. His religious and social responsiveness. Allama Iqbal ranked amongst the best poets of the world. Especially known for his poems Shikwa and Jawab e Shikwa, he excels Urdu shayari. His works have been placed into below categories:



Hasrat Mohani Poet

Hasrat Mohani Poet


 3. Hasrat Mohani

Many people may tend to disagree with me, but I regard the grandeur of Hasrat Mohani on no. 3 in Urdu Shayari. He delivered a poetry of sensual awakening. I respect and personally idealize his poetry. You may read his poetry at below links:




Sahir Ludhyanvi

Sahir Ludhyanvi


 4. Sahir Ludhyanvi

I tend to place Sahir Ludhyanvi at number 4. This is so because he has a unique style and diction. All best Urdu shayari must always respect his poetry. I personally like his verses to a great extent. Some of his great Urdu Shayari and shayers are placed in below pages:





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