Famous Urdu Poets

Classic Famous Urdu Poets:
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Famous Urdu Poets

In this post and on other pages of this website, we have arranged all the famous Urdu Poets and their selected Urdu Poetry from famous Urdu Poets of India and Pakistan. These poets belong to antiquity and recent past too. You will love this collection and selection of poetry by our admins at work. So far, there are 16 collections of famous Urdu Poets on our website. Click on any poet’s image and read his or her poetry. The poetry of these poets is also segregated into topics ranging from social to general, love and religion.

This website aims at research based scholarly approach. So, we deliver only the selected verses of great poetry. These are emotional. These are sentimental. Others may be religious and social. Our endeavours do not stop here. We leap ahead looking at the different perspectives. All our aim is to deliver quality poetry in a qualitative manner. Quantity does not matter in the matters of sensual needs. So, you will really enjoy this post Famous Urdu Poets.

Another reason to deliver this post is to appraise our readers that the poetry of these many Urdu Poets has been placed on this website. We know people love topics. You will find poetry based on topics. We understand that coloured and decorated verses do appeal, so you may also relish those. We need your appreciation and support. This way, we shall keep improving the layout and the presentation of this website and the posts like ‘Famous Urdu Poets’.

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