Munir Niazi famous Urdu Poetry

Muni Niazi

Muni Niazi

Munir Niazi Famous Urdu Poetry: Writing under the pen name of Munir Niazi, Munir Ahmed is famous for Urdu and Punjabi Poetry. He is known to us for his hearty and layman poetry that is easily understood by the masses, with the exception of certain verses that are rather too difficult to understand like the poetry of Ghalib and Iqbal. He wrote poetry in Urdu and Punjabi languages and became famous in a short span. Here at StudyBee we have presented, in line with our tradition of research based segregation of famous poetry, only the best and celebrated verses of Munir Niazi into our general categorization of poetry i.e. Love poetry, sad poetry, Social poetry, political and religious poetry. However, when working on Munir Niazi’s Urdu poetry, some of the poems of Munir Niazi were so inspiring that those had to be included in the full. Therefore, unlike other poets we have included the popular and famous poems of Munir Niazi in addition to the general segregation for which studybee is known for. Keep enjoying the awe inspiring and captivating poetry of Munir Niazi. Below are the links to his poetry available at our website:

Munir Niazi Love Poetry
Munir Niazi Romantic Poetry
Munir Niazi Sad Poetry
Political Poetry of Munir Niazi
Fate Poetry by Munir Niazi
Religious Poetry of Munir Niazi
Social Poetry from Munir Niazi


Munir Niazi Famous Poems:

Hamesha Der Ker Deta Hun Main
Kisi ko apnay amal ka hisab ku dety
Main Aur Wo
Mohabat Ab Nahi Hogi
Bachon Jesi Baat by Munir Niazi
Dil by Munir Niazi


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