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Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000

Prize Bond Rs. 15000

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000 Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000 is held quarterly every year. National Savings is primarily responsible to maintain and issue data pertaining to National Prize Bonds. State Bank of Pakistan looks after the dealings of prize bond…

Prize Bond Draw Rs 750

Prize Bond Rs. 750

Prize Bond Draw Rs 750 National Prize Bonds are issued by National Savings on behalf of the government of Pakistan. The draw of Prize Bond Draw Rs 750 is held quarterly every year i.e. 15-Jan-2019 at Peshawar, 15-April-2019 at Lahore,…

Khudi خودی meaning English Urdu

Khudi خودی meaning English Urdu: Though the meaning of Khudi may be referred as: Self Oneself Being Self respect But the concept of khudi doesn’t merely means ‘self’ or ‘oneself’ or even ‘self respect’. Allama Muhammad Iqbal used this word…


Dawam (دوام) meaning Urdu English:

Dawam (دوام) has following meanings in English language:

  • long lasting
  • forever
  • everlasting
  • never ending
  • Permanent

In Urdu language it is also called ھمیشہ، یا بہت طویل.

This word, dawam (دوام),  is primarily used in the verses of Mirza Ghalib. For instance, one of the lines of his verse reads:


کہیں سے اٗبِ  بقائے دوام لے ساقی

This verse means to bring the potion(water) for everlasting life which the poet desires from the healer of his wounds.(well wisher)


Dawam (دوام) meaning Urdu English is an effort to see how translating words into English matters. It is an experimental approach to lexicography.

We are looking upto create an online version of Urdu dictionary which may be useful for people of Urdu speaking community. It may also help students of English language.


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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2019

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Prize Bond Winning Amount Detail

Prize Bond Winning Amount Detail: Here you can get all prize bond winning amount detail of Pakistan National Savings issued prize bonds. All bonds winning Prizes Amount Information for Prize bonds of all denominations i.e. Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500,…

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