Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000

Prize Bond Rs. 15000

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000 is held quarterly every year. National Savings is primarily responsible to maintain and issue data pertaining to National Prize Bonds. State Bank of Pakistan looks after the dealings of prize bond issuance, en-cashment and claim handling of winning prize bonds. All SBP BSC branches provide the service of encashing prize bonds and processing prize money claims.Draws are also held by SBP.

The prize bond draw is scheduled to be held four times a year. For the year 2019, it is to be held on following dates:

  • 02-01-2019     Karachi

  • 01-04-2019     Rawalipindi

  • 02-07-2019     Faisalabad

  • 01-10-2019     Muzaffarabad

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000- Updated List

Prize Bond Draw 02-07-2019-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000- Previous Draws

Prize Bond Draw 01-04-2019-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw 02-01-2019-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw 01-10-2018-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw 3-07-2018-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw 03-04-2018-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw 02-01-2018-Rs-15000

Prize Bond Draw Rupees 15000- Search

We shall soon launch the facility to search prize bond draws, draw wise, year wise. You may also search all draws previously held.


After how long can we claim winning Prize Bonds?

You can claim a winning prize bond within six years from the date of prize bond draw. After six years, the prize money cannot be claimed.


Where can you claim prize bond other than SBP?

You can claim prize money claims upto Rs. 500,000/- at any commercial bank. Prize money is not instantly paid. It is routed to SBP for encashment before actual payment. SBP, also, does not pay prize money exceeding Rs. 18,500/- on spot. They take processing time of at least 15 working days.


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