English Grammar

This article will discuss English Grammar, its understanding and insight with detailed study. We shall also learn parts of speech i.e. the building blocks of grammar.

Grammar is a part of language, adding systematic approach to its learning both for the natives as well as foreigners. However, it is beneficial only as long as we adhere to the fundamental principles with comprehensive practice.

We must remember one thing that any language evolves out of social interaction not only among the people of a particular social setup but also among people coming from areas far flung from yours uttering different languages or having slightly altered accents and dialects.

It means grammar comes later to language. It helps in understanding language today. While it must have helped improve the structural issues in a language long ago depending upon how long a particular language may have existed.

Let us come back to the word language. It is a system of communication consisting of sounds, words and grammar. Or it is a system of communication which people of a particular country or profession often use. Hence, language is, primarily, a set of words used with a systematic function of grammar. It helps in putting out a particular meaning for combination of different words & phrases by adding special words used only as subsidiary to the basic words of a language. If this be true, we need to know those special words or the full spread of words, their types, kinds and general usage.

Having said all above, let us begin with quite a familiar phrase Parts of speech. These words tell for themselves. They are meant for different groups/categories in which the words of a language (English in this case) may be defined. We have mentioned below the Parts of English speech for detailed discussion on them in later lectures i.e. Parts of Speech in brief.

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