Pair of words similar to the original

Choose the pair of words that best express a relationship similar to that of the original pair in question. It is the test of our intelligence combined with English language vocabulary as well as general understanding of things. It also involves general knowledge relating to a vaster area.

There could be following types of relations:

  1. Object and Function e.g. A knife’s function is to cut
  2. Class and Member e.g. a trout is a member of a fish class
  3. Part of one object/ being to Part of another object/ being e.g. Gill vs Fin, leg vs arm, tyre vs steering.
  4. Part to Whole e.g. fish belongs to school( group of fish is called school)
  5. Characteristics of something e.g. team plays, doctor treats, teacher teaches.
  6. Cause and Effect e.g. Running and Gasping.
  7. Adjective/ adverb of related noun e.g. Strut vs walk, limping vs walk etc.
  8. Synonymous words e.g. intelligent/ wise, fast/ sharp etc.
  9. Antonyms words e.g. good/ bad, fast/ slow etc.

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